Blurb, 2016


I was exploring the fluid relationship between the pictorial space and the three dimensional realm, between drawing, painting and sculpture distorted by processes of cutting, crushing, warping to wrapping and collapsing the Jali*. Playing and manipulating with the essential lines, angles, colors, shadows whenever examining a subject and everythings become ambiguous, make a conversation with the audiences and the space.

*Jali's meaning "net". The Jali helps lowering the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. With compactness of the residential areas, Jali's become less frequent for privacy and security matters, especially in middle east countries.

Jali also to 'covering', as a shadows, represented fearness, sacredness and a symbol of protectiveness and great respect.

In the exhibition TITIK TEMU, with Abbyzar Raffi, Ario Pradipta W, Bunga Yuridespita, Etza Meisyara, Group Ltd., Karina Sokowati, Putri Fidhini

curated by Bob Edrian Triadi

13 - 27 March
Titik Temu Space,
Gatot Subroto 91 F, Bandung, Indonesia

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